Permitted usage

Once purchased, the impulse libraries are freely reusable solely by the purchaser for their own use with no attribution of Surefye Impulse Library required* in their end production.

*Exception: Where a library or part of a library has been used as a component in a commerical (either free or paid for) product, e.g. a Virtual Instrument, then attribution is required. The attribution must comprise the minimum of the name 'Surefyre Impulse Library', the URL '' and the full name of the library(ies) used, either in whole or in part, e.g. 'Yamaha SPX90ii Impulse Pack'. We also require notification of such usage and a copy of the end product (for Microsoft Windows where relevant/possible) so that we may list the users/products and potentially engage in cross-promotional activity. For commecial products selling under 250 units, a £50 annual licensing fee is required per product, commencing on the date of notification or the date of first payment, whichever is earlier. For commerical products containing libraries or parts of libraries which are expect to sell over 250 units per year the product creator should contact us to discuss licensing terms.

Alternatively, for items expected to sell less than 250 units per year a one-off license fee of £100 per product can be paid with no further license payments due.

These usage terms are subject to change without notice.