The Yamaha SPX90ii Impulse Pack

First introduced in 1985, the Yamaha SPX90 rapidly became a standard feature in studios worldwide, superseded in 1986 by the improved SPX90ii. With an enormous 99 second reverb time the unit was able to create huge ambient washes of sound along with the day-to-day workhorse stuff of delays and choruses.

The SPX90ii Impulse Pack contains over 1100 impulses of the reverbs and early reflections produced by the unit totalling around 2.2GB of data comprising:

  • Hall, Plate, Room and Vocal reverb patches captured with damping of 0.1, 0.5 and 1.0 at 27 different lengths from 0.3 to 99.0 seconds
  • ER1, ER2 early reflection patches captured in Hall, Plate, Reverse and Random modes with liveness of 0, 2, 5, 8, 10 at 20 different room sizes from 0.1 to 20.0
  • The noise output of the SPX90ii used which was also used as a profile on the DAW input to remove its imprint

As the SPX90ii samplerate is driven from the MIDI clock at 31.25kHz these impulses were recorded as 24 bit 44.1kHz samples and deconvolved to 32 bit 44.1kHz IRs. Those preferring higher samplerates of 48 and 96kHz can register below to receive updates if impulses at these samplerates are created.

Get the Impulse Pack now

You can download the Yamaha SPX90ii Impulse Pack now for £10.00. Once payment is completed you will receive a one-time download link to your Paypal email address which is valid for 24 hours so please make sure you have the disk space and the download bandwidth available to download the 2GB zip data file (2GB plus 2.2GB to uncompress) and that you receive mail sent to your Paypal email address.

Please bear in mind that as this is a digital download and there is no license activation required, refunds are not given. Please also ensure you follow the Paypal 'Return to Merchant' link to come back here for your download link after payment. If the email hasn't arrived within a couple of minutes, please try checking your spam folder in case your mail system has put it in there instead.