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Free! Kontakt 6 "Tails" instrument

This is an experimental instrument where each note was sampled from the reverb tail of the same note of an Electric Piano. The result is an ambient drone/wash sound. Add your own delay/reverb/whatever in your FX chain to further alter the sound of this instrument. As used on the forthcoming 'Engram 5' track by Opus Majoris

Requires full Kontakt V6. Click here to download it (approx 70MB)


In the works - Kurzweil KDFX2

This will be a big one. The KDFX2 FX board option for the legendary K2500RS powerhouse sampler. 15 Algorithms each with around a dozen subprograms each with 500IRs taken at 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 second settings, and that's just the reverbs - there's also the delays, cab sims and extras. We'll be releasing each algorithm individually over the coming months with a full collection available at the end of it all (with some discount for anyone who's already bought any individual algorithms already).

The Alesis Midiverb II has landed!

It's here! Seventy-nine programs of 48kHz goodness!

  • 29 reverb patches (programs 01 - 29)
  • 10 gated reverbs patches (light gate: programs 30 -34, fast gate: programs 35 - 39)
  • 10 reverse reverbs including the lush 'bloom' reverbs (programs 45, 49)
  • 20 delays (programs programs 70 - 89)
  • 10 special programs (programs 90 - 99)
  • The noise output of the Midiverb II used


Get the Pack now Check out the demos

Yamaha SPX90ii Impulse Pack

The classic character of the Yamaha SPX90ii painstakingly curated as an Impulse Pack. Reverbs up to 99 seconds, ER1 and ER2 reflections captured as 44.1 32-bit Impulses. Probably the single most comprehensive SPX90 series of IRs in the world.

What people are saying...
  "The impulses are absolutely brilliant!" - Andy P

Get the Pack now Check out the demos


Join us on FaceBook at http://fb.me/impulses

What should our next Impulse Pack be?

What units would you like to see Impulses for?

Fancy something different?

Note that time-based modulation effects like Chorus, Phasing, etc can't be 'impulsified' as they change over time (although clever people are working on it!)

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Need a VST IR plugin to use your Impulses with?

Most modern DAWs have an IR (or 'convolution') plugin which you can load impulse files into such as ReaVerb in Reaper.

If your DAW doesn't have an IR 'player' plugin check out some of these free VSTs!

by Impulse Record

by Melda Production

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Halls of Fame 3 Free
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